PVC Speed Hurdle

Description & Specification

– Provide speed training that focuses on acceleration through fast stride rate/frequency
– Improve your athleticism and ability to maneuver quickly and efficiently around the field

SH-06 6” (H) 36 pcs/ctn GW:11 kg Cuft:3.2
SH-09 9” (H) 36 pcs/ctn GW:12 kg Cuft:3.9
SH-12 12” (H) 24 pcs/ctn GW: 9 kg Cuft:3.7
SH-15 15” (H) 24 pcs/ctn GW:10 kg Cuft:4.1
SH-18 18” (H) 24 pcs/ctn GW:11 kg Cuft:5