PE Hurdle Cone (Round Base)

Description & Specification

* Good for coordination, sprint, jump and agility training.

* Dog training. The hurdles can be easily set up at the dog park or in your backyard.
* The Hurdle cones are made of durable and flexable PE. The training poles are made of durable ABS.
* A set can contains of 6 hurdle cones and 9 training poles of 30.5 cm.
* Dimension of hurdle cones: 12 inch high x 23 cm (base). The length of pole is 30.5 cm.
* The length of training pole can be assembled to be 60 cm by connecting 2 piece 30.5 cm poles, or 90 cm by connecting 3 pc of 30.5 cm training poles.
* The height can be modified to be 12 cm, 24 cm, 36 cm and 48 cm because there are 3 holes in the hurdle cone.

Code: DQB-12R

Dimension: 12 inch high x 23cm (base)

There are 12 holes on the cones, to be put the pole (post) between 2 hurdle cones, and become a hurdle set, as the showed photo.

It also can be inserted into a PE agility ring (flat hoop) to do the practice of shooting balls or a tossing goal.

50/ctn   GW:9.5kg  Cuft:2.3