The Introduction of Dung Qun Industry Co., Ltd.

Dung Qun Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous and professional plastic product manufacturers in
Taiwan, especially in the field of sporting goods and athletic equipment and kids’ physical educational and training kits and goods for more than 20 year experience. Our customers are always satisfied with our products and services.


After 10-year efforts and good performance, Dung Qun finally and successfully applied to set up a brand-new factory at Tree Valley Park of Tainan Science Park, to start operating in 2020. The most famous Semiconductor company, Taiwan Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company (TSMC), also located at this park.  Any factory in this Science Park must comply with many rules and requirements to protect the environment, such as the building structure of factories, the reusing and recycling of water, and the control of air and water pollution, and even labors’ right and protection.

We use the automatic mechanical arm to pick up the goods as goods are finished by injection machine to reduce the labor cost and ensure the safety of labors. In addition, we also adopt the auto-master batching machine to preciously blend the color of products. The automatic production reduce our labor cost and improve the products’ quality, and even offer a better working environment for our employees.
The whole producing procedure from molding manufacturing, products’ injection production, LOGO printing, and packing are completed in our company, except some non-plastic products. Therefore, we can control the quality of products, offer the competitive price and variety products, and delivery on time. Moreover, with the ability to manufacture molding, we are able to develop new products every year, and also to assist our clients to design, develop, or create any products which they want in accordance with their requirements and ideas. So far, we have more than two hundred products, including 14 Taiwan Patent and 4 US Patent.

By the way, as the order quantity is large enough, we can absorb the cost of molding producing to reduce the purchasing cost for our clients.

Although we are not a big company, but we are still growing. We always do our best to offer our clients high quality products, satisfactory services and competitive prices.

Molding Producing  Molding Producing Auto Master Batch Doser     Automatic Mechanical Arm Pick up the Finished Goods.

 Auto Printing Machine     Quality Checking             2019 ISPO

In recent years, climate change has become more and more serious, and we have noticed the importance of green building, green manufacturing, and green supply chain. Hence, we grand them as our new mission in the future to improve the working environment of employees and protect our earth.