PP Agility Ring( Flat Hoop)

Description & Specification

  • Used for improving the agility, co-ordination, balance and foot speed as put on the floor.
  • They can be connected with connectors to become a direction movement training or speed training.
  • Made of durable PP.
  • As it is combined with hurdle cones or Poles, it will become a hurdle set.
  • Specification: 39cm, 49cm, 59 cm, 70cm.


AR-39  39cm Dia.   Packing Information: 100 pcs/ctn  GW:10 kg Cuft:3.2

AR-49  49cm Dia.   Packing Information :100 pcs/ctn  GW:13 kg Cuft:4.8
AR-59  59cm Dia.   Packing Information :50 pcs/ctn    GW: 8 kg Cuft:3.6
AR-70  70cm Dia.   Packing Information :50 pcs/ctn    GW:10 kg Cuft:5.3