PE Marker Cone/ Training Cones

Description & Specification

* Use high quality and durable Plastic PE material to produce
* Lightweight and compact, so they are easy to carry.
* They can be stacked without taking up many space, so they are easy to store and transport.
* Also can be used as markers in outdoor activity and festive events.
* Can be used for mark boundary of parking lots or sports fields.
* Or, Used for dog agility training.
* Used for agility drilling or many sport drilling, such as soccer ball, football, baseketball, baseball, skating, tennies, etc.


MC-06 6”(H) x 14cm(Square Base)
MC-09 9”(H) x 14cm(Square Base)
MC-12 12”(H) x 18cm(Square Base)
MC-15 15”(H) x 20cm(Square Base)
MC-18 18”(H) x 20cm(Square Base)