Circle Mat/Pad/ Marker/ spot marker

Description & Specification

  • Design for agility training, yoga stations, exercise drills, etc.
  • For classroom floor marker, they make the classroom pop, active, and organized!
  • PVC circle mats can be printed on numbers, pictures, or words as teaching tool or warning signs.
  • This item has two kind of material, TPR and PVC.

DQB-013 (PVC) Dia. 9” concave, 3mm(thick)
DQB-014 (PVC) Dia. 9” plane , 3mm(thick)

DQB-040 (PVC) Dia. 39cm( around 15.7″) plane

Code: M-C10/ M-C15/ M-C25 (TPR) Dia. 10cm / 15cm / 25cm
Material:PVC & TPR
Size:Thick: 2.5 mm