2 in 1 Adjustable Height Training Hurdle (10cm & 20cm High)

Description & Specification

  • 2 in 1 adjustable hurdle is good for field training, speed coordination and jumping speed, and footwork training at various sports training events.
  • Taiwan Patent No. M634442 & I800399
  • Easily switch between 10 cm and 20 cm height of hurdle.
  • This product is durable, lightweight, flexible and easy to carry.
  • The joints of the hurdle’s leg can be rotated toward inside as the below photo.  So, its dimension can be reduced as packing, and further to save the cost of transportation.
  •    The legs of 2 in 1 hurdle can be turned inward like as the photo to reduce the space of storage.
  • Code: AH-1020
  • Dimension: Adjustable height: 10 cm & 20 cm;   Width: 48cm