Sport Training 1” Pole/ Stick/ Bar

Description & Specification

The inch pole/ bar can be used as the huddle pole or the pole of flag.

Please see the below photos to see their application.

Dome Cone Set for obstacle course, agility training.flag with dome base.obstacle course for kids

The specification is listed as below. For more longer or shorter length is acceptable, please contact us.

For over 100cm pole. we strongly recommend to use 2 pole to connect with.

For example, 100 cm pole will be  connected by 2 pc of 50cm poles.

The short video show you how to connect with 2 poles.

PL-80 80cm (L)
PL-100 100cm (L) PL-100-2 ( two pieces)
PL-152 152cm (5’L) PL-152-2 ( two pieces)
PL-160 160cm (L) PL-160-2 ( two pieces)